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Zeiss Primo Star Trinocular Plan Achromat Microscope

SKU: 415500-0057-000
Price: $2,318.00

Zeiss Primo Star Full Köhler Microscope

This Zeiss Primo Star microscope was designed with long-term use and durability in mind. The Zeiss Primo Star microscope combines high quality optics with smart student-proof features and teaching enhancements. This model can easily become a digital microscope for teaching or capturing images by adding a c-mount adapter and digital camera.

  • Objective Lenses: Infinity corrected Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil objectives. 
    • Plan Achromat 4x/0.1, WD = 6.5mm
    • Plan Achromat 10x/0.25, WD = 4.39mm
    • Plan Achromat 40x/0.65, WD = 0.48mm
    • Plan Achromat 100x/1.25, WD = 0.13mm
  • Viewing Head: Binocular head inclined 30º with 50/50 photo tube, reversed image. Viewing height adjustable from 380-415mm.
  • Eyepieces: Widefield 10x / 20 focusing eyepieces, accept 23mm diameter reticle. Interpupillary distance adjustable from 48-75mm.
  • Total Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x.
  • Specimen Stage: 140mm W x 135mm D right hand mechanical stage with X-Y travel of 75mm x 30mm, with specimen holder. Total travel range of stage = 15mm.
  • Focusing: Coarse and fine focusing. Coarse focus drive is 45mm/rev, fine focus is 0.5mm/rev.
  • Condenser: Abbe condenser 0.9/1.25 NA.
  • Illumination: Includes 6v, 30w halogen lamp and LED warm-light 3200K lamp. Corded 100~240V with cord storage on microscope frame. Light intensity control with LED intensity display on both sides of microscope. Certified: CE, CSA, UL, ICC, ISO 9001, IvD.
  • Stand Features: Full Köhler stand, 4-position nosepiece tilted backwards, cord storage, and carrying handle integrated into stand. All components of Zeiss Primo Star are anti-fungus treated.
  • Size & Weight: 7.5" x 16.7" x 15.6", 18 lb.
  • Warranty: 5 Years, 1 year electrical.
  • Includes: Dust cover, oiler with 5ml immersion oil, blue green, and yellow 45mm diameter filters.

Zeiss Part # 415500-0057-000.

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