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Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 Laboratory Microscope

Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 Laboratory Microscope

Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 Laboratory Microscope

The Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 laboratory microscope is the perfect dedicated routine lab microscope.  TUV certified ergonomics makes long hours on the microscope comfortable.  A wide range of ergotubes and ergophototubes are available to evaluate stained histological sections, blood smears or immunofluorescent samples in the most favorable viewing position. All main microscope controls are accessible with one hand, including the stage drive, fine focus and brightness control.

Limited availability. Please contact Microscope World for a quote or further information.

  • TUV Certified Ergonomics: provide maximum comfort and relaxed working conditions for hours looking through the microscope. All controls are ergonomically positioned and encased in soft-touch material.
  • Range of Applications: excellent optical quality for reliable results in microbiology, cytology, hematology, pathology and immunofluorescence. Brightfield, phase as well as polarization contrast and darkfield.
  • Features:
    • Multi-discussion system available for training and teamwork. Depending on the configuration, up to 4 co-observers can view high contrast, high resolution images that no monitor can match.
    • Transmitted light illumination with a choice of halogen 35W, daylight LED or warm light LED.
    • Optional integrated fluorescent illumination with long-life LEDs.
    • Avoid warm-up and cool-down times and lamp replacements and adjustments. Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 features two LED positions for fluorescence excitation and uses standard push-and-click fluorescence filter modules. LED fluorescence is safer, more energy efficient and easier to handle than conventional HBO illumination. The warmlight LED guarantees long life time and low energy consumption in transmitted light. The color impression in the microscope eyepiece corresponds precisely to that of a halogen lamp and does not depend on the brightness setting.
  • Objective Lenses:
    • A-Plan objectives. Entry-level objectives, good optical quality for transmitted light applications.
    • N-ACHROPLAN objectives. These objectives are good for routine applications. Inexpensive all-around objectives with good chromatic correction and planarity. For routine applications in transmitted or reflected light.
    • EC Plan-NEOFLUAR objectives. Perfect when flexibility and a variety of techniques are required. These objectives are characterized by high-contrast imaging, excellent homogeneity, high resolution, and high transmission.
  • Versatility: Use the Axio Lab.A1 for your routine tasks in microbiology, cytology, hematology and pathology. Evaluate samples using brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarization and fluorescence.
  • Applications: Genetic laboratory examinations, immunology, hematology, pathology, gout testing.

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