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Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 Biology Microscope

Zeiss Axio Scope A1 Biology Microscope

Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 Biology Microscope

The Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 biology microscope is the perfect modular microscope for research and advanced routine microscopy. This microscope has exceptional flexibility for complex routine examinations. Examine tissue samples in pathology or evaluate cytological material. Adapt the Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 to your research environment with the wide range of interchangeable components available.

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  • Highly Configurable: 23 stand variations allow customization of the Axio Scope.A1. Choose from 5 upper bodies, 3 lower bodies and 2 vario columns.
  • Range of Applications: from anatomical study to intravital microscopy; transmitted light applications to multiple fluorescence labeling, from the thinnest tissue sections to a sample height of 380mm.
  • Features:
    • High-resolution DIC and PlasDIC; the inexpensive relief contrast for unstained specimens.
    • An integrated LED feature guarantees stable and color-neutral transmitted light. This further enables consistent color temperature, which is ideal for digital images.
    • LED, HBO or XBO illumination available for fluorescence illumination.
    • Integrated LED fluorescence illumination with four wavelengths allows for optimum stability and durability in routine applications.
    • The sample space of the Axio Scope.A1 is scalable for specimen thickness of 0-110mm.
    • Ergonomic stage drive can be moved along a 90mm Y-axis to be positioned where it is most comfortable.
  • Objective Lenses:
    • A-Plan objectives. Entry-level objectives, good optical quality for transmitted light applications.
    • N-ACHROPLAN objectives. These objectives are good for routine applications. Inexpensive all-around objectives with good chromatic correction and planarity. For routine applications in transmitted or reflected light.
    • EC Plan-NEOFLUAR objectives. Perfect when flexibility and a variety of techniques are required. These objectives are characterized by high-contrast imaging, excellent homogeneity, high resolution, and high transmission.
    • FLUAR objectives. The photon collector objectives with high numerical apertures, good contrast, and outstanding transmission. Ideal for rendering the weakest fluorescence available.
    • Plan-APOCHROMAT objectives. The high performance objectives with the best color correction and highest numerical aperture for brilliant images in all techniques. Outstanding point spread function and spherical correction.
  • Flexibility: Whether analyzing unstained cells using intravital microscopy or observing histologically stained sections and bone sections, transmitted light techniques are the standard for cytology testing in routine laboratories.
    • Axio Scope.A1 microscopes enable you to master brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC) and Carl Zeiss' economical alternative, PlasDIC.
    • The transmitted light beam path of the Axio Scope.A1 provides sharp image contrast and standardized, comprehensive illumination for tasks connected with routine examination.
    • Axio Scope.A1 is perfectly equipped for cytology testing with fluorescence. This microscope provides excellent contrast and minimizes any scattered light; an advantage especially for low-light and low-contrast samples. Use LEDs or any standard light source for optimum fluorescence.

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