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HS-2LCD Digital Tablet Student Microscope 1000x

Richter Optica HS-2LCD digital student microscope.
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The Richter Optica HS-2-LCD is a digital tablet compound biological student microscope used in high schools. This model has cool LED illumination and a mechanical stage and provides 1000x magnification.
  • Objective Lenses: DIN standard Achromat 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR oil immersion objectives are parfocalled, parcentered, color coded and mounted in reverse facing quadruple nosepiece. 30° inclined binocular viewing head rotates 360°. Trinocular port holds digital camera.
  • Eyepieces: Widefield 10x eyepieces, FN18. Interpupillary adjustment 55-75mm.
  • Total Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x.
  • Specimen Stage: Large 125mm x 115mm stage, with built-in mechanical stage. Mechanical stage provides X-Y movement of 55mm x 75mm.
  • Focusing: Rack & pinion coarse focus with tension adjustment, separate fine focus. Coarse focus knob control moves the stage up or down 20mm. Fine focus moves 0.2mm per rotation.
  • Condenser: Abbe NA 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder for 32mm filter.
  • Illumination: 1W LED illumination with on/off switch with intensity control. Corded microscope is voltage sensing 100~240V.
  • Camera: Live resolution 1280x720 pixels. 5 megapixel image capture resolution. Video capture resolution 720P (HD). USB output. 10fps at full resolution, 20fps at 800x600.
  • Tablet: 8" Tablet creates a hotspot and the ability to connect 3 devices to this hotspot. Android 5.0. Touchscreen. Loaded with software to view a live image from the microscope, capture and save images. Micro HDMI output. Includes HDMI cable, USB cable, software, charger and MicroSD card.
  • Size & Weight: 15" high, 10" deep, 8.5" wide, 6 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty, excluding LED bulb, 1 year warranty on camera and tablet.
  • Includes: Dust cover, blue filter, software for camera.
  • View HS2 Microscope Manual.