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pco.edge 5.5 Microscope Camera

SKU: edge55

pco.edge 5.5 Microscope Camera

The pco.edge 5.5 microscope camera is equipped with an innovative scientific CMOS sensor (sCMOS) providing crisp images and precise measurements. The pco.edge series can be optionally upgraded with a water cooling system. The pco.edge 5.5 camera system is designed for users who require high resolution and high frame rates. The camera has 16 bit dynamic range, good quantum efficiency, selectable shutter options or an optional color sensor. The monochrome or color camera is available with USB3 or Camera Link HS.

Please contact Microscope World for a quote or further information on the pco.edge 5.5 camera.

Camera Specifications:

  • Sensor: sCMOS (scientific CMOS), available in monochrome or color
  • Resolution: 2560 x 2160 pixels
  • Pixel Size: 6.5 x 6.5µm
  • Sensor Format / Diagonal: 16.6mm x 14.0mm / 21.8mm
  • Shutter Mode:
    • Camera Link HS: Rolling shutter (RS) with free selectable readout modes, global/snapshot shutter (GS), global resert - rolling readout (GR)
    • USB3: Rolling shutter (RS) with free selectable readout modes, global/snapshot shutter (GS), global reset - rolling readout (GR)
  • Frame Rate:
    • Camera Link HS (all given for RS fast scan): 100 fps @ fast scan 2560 x 2160, 201 fps @ fast scan 1920 x 1080, 450 fps @ fast scan 640 x 480
    • USB3 (all given for GS): 28 fps 2560 x 2160, 56 fps @ 1920 x 1080, 125 fps @ 640 x 480
  • Exposure / Shutter Time:
    • Camera Link HS: 500µs...2s RS, 10µs...100ms GS, 10µs...2s GR
    • USB3: 500µs...2s RS, 20µs...100ms GS, 30µs...2s GR
  • Dynamic Range A/D: 16 bit
  • Cooling Method:
    • Camera Link HS: +7ºC stabilized, peltier with forced air (fan) (up to 27ºC ambient)
    • USB3: +5ºC stabilized, peltier with forced air (fan) & water cooling (both up to 27ºC ambient)
  • Dynamic Range:
    • Camera Link HS: 30,000:1 (89.5dB) RS, slow scan
    • USB3: 30,000:1 (89.5dB) RS
  • Quantum Efficiency:  > 60% @ peak
  • Size / Weight: Camera Link HS: 122mm x 76mm x 70mm, USB3: 99mm x 76mm x 70mm, 1010g
  • EMVA Standard 1288 Compliant
  • View pco.edge 5.5 data sheet.

NOTE: This camera is not returnable.