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Depth Measurement Tool Kit

SKU: 64PKA070A
Price: $555.00

Depth Measurement Tool Kit Mitutoyo 64PKA070B

The Mitutoyo 64PKA070A Inch tool kit was created for technicians that need to measure depths up to 6" along with making precision measurements. This tool kit contains the following items:

  • Outside Micrometer (friction thimble type) Range 0-1", graduation 0.0001"
  • Depth Micrometer (with 6 pcs rods) Range 0-6", graduation 0.001".
  • Full Flexible Rule (16R)
  • Dial Caliper, Range 0-6", dial graduation 0.001"
  • Mahogany Case

Mitutoyo Part #64PKA070B (Formerly 64PKA070A)
NOTE: This item is not returnable.