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RB50 Research Teaching Dual Head Microscope

RB50 dual head microscope
Price: $17,395.00
The Fein Optic RB50 dual observer research biological microscopes include the following.

  • Objective Lenses: Sextuple objective turret holds the included DIN Infinity Corrected Optical System (ICOS) Objectives:
    • Plan Semi-Apochromat Fluor 4x Objective, NA 0.13, WD 18.5mm
    • Plan Semi-Apochromat Fluor 10x Objective, NA 0.30, WD 10.6mm
    • Plan Semi-Apochromat Fluor 20x Objective, NA 0.50, WD 2.33mm
    • Plan Semi-Apochromat Fluor 40x Objective, NA 0.75, WD 0.6mm
    • Plan Semi-Apochromat Fluor 100x Objective, NA 1.28, WD 0.21mm Oil Immersion
  • Viewing Head: Ergonomic tilting trinocular head with eyetubes adjustable from 5-35° with beam splitter positions of 100:0, 20:80 and 0:100, FN25. Second observer head is binocular with eyetubes inclined 30º.
  • Optical Bridge: Optical bridge connects second observer station. Includes LED pointer light (red, green, blue) for teaching.
  • Eyepieces: FPL-WF 10x Widefield, high eyepoint eyepieces, FN25, one eyepiece contains reticle retaining ring for 26mm diameter reticle.Interpupillary adjustment from 50-76mm. Second observer head holds Widefield, high eyepoint 10x eyepieces, FN22 with reticle ring.
  • Total Magnification: 40x, 100x, 200x, 400x and 1000x.
  • Specimen Stage: Double-layer mechanical stage 187mm x 168mm with right-hand ergonomic controls. Specimen holder allows for either one or two slides. X-Y Axis travel of 80mm x 55mm, precision of 0.1mm.
  • Illumination: 12v, 100w halogen transmitted light is centered.
  • Light Focusing: NA 0.9 swing-out achromatic condenser, with iris diaphragm and aperture scale.
  • Focusing: Low position coaxial coarse and fine focusing. Coarse adjustment 25mm, fine precision 0.001mm. Coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment. Built-in 100~240v wide voltage transformer. Built-in transmitted filters LBD/ND6/ND25.
  • Size & Weight: Main Unit: 10.6" (269mm) W x 19.2" (487mm) D x 17.4" (442mm) H
    • Warranty: 5 Years.
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