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Mitutoyo MF-U2017D Measuring Microscope Motorized Z

Mitutoyo MF-UJ2017D and MF-UK2017D Motorized Z Drive Microscopes Brightfield / Darkfield
Price: $39,500.00

Mitutoyo MF-UJ2017D and MF-UK2017D Measuring Microscopes

This Mitutoyo MF-UJ2017D and MF-UK2017D motorized measuring microscopes offer measuring accuracy that is the highest in its class conforming to JIS B 7153. Includes motorized Z measuring. Choose from brightfield only or brightfield / darkfield. This microscope has reflected light and transmitted light. The measuring microscope's Z axis is motor driven, and the stage can be operated from a remote control box. A jog shuttle controls the Z axis.

This microscope requires a special quote for shipping. Please contact Microscope World for a quote.

  • Objective Lens: Choose your objective lenses below, microscope does not come standard with any objectives. Microscope includes 4-hole manual objective turret. If you are interested in motorized power turret please call for a quote.
    • For Brightfield choose from M Plan Apo Objectives or G Plan Apo objectives
    • For Brightfield/Darkfield choose from BD Plan Apo Objectives
  • Brightfield / Darkfield: Measuring microscope can be ordered for brightfield only or brightfield and darkfield.
  • Optical Tube: Tilting trinocular tube, angle of column is 0-30º with Siedentopf head with interpupillary adjustment from 51-76mm. Erect image.
  • Eyepieces: Widefield 10x eyepieces, FN 24mm. Optional 15x and 20x eyepieces available.
  • Illumination: Includes LED reflected and transmitted illumination.
  • Total Magnification: Depends on objectives selected.
  • Specimen Stage: Manual and quick-release mechanism (zero-set switch for Z-Axis) is incorporated.
    • Measurement Range = 200 x 170mm
    • Tabletop Size = 410 x 342mm
    • Stage Glass Size = 270 x 240mm
    • Swiveling Angle = +/-5º
    • Maximum Glass Top Load = 44 lbs (20 kg)
    • Z-Axis Max Specimen Height = 220mm
  • Motorized Z Axis: maximum measuring speed 20mm/s, lower limit setting (for collision avoidance).
  • Measurement System: High-accuracy digital scale.
  • Measuring Accuracy: (2.2+0.02L)µm, L: measuring length(mm)
  • Digital Display: Minimum reading 1/0.5/0.1µm switchable. Display for Z axis. Zero-setting function, direction switching, RS-232C output, USB output for Vision Unit.
  • Stand: Track stand with coaxial coarse and fine focusing, handles on both sides.
  • Dimensions: 642 x 892 x 782mm (main unit), 355 x 364 x 106.5mm (control unit), 114 x 360 x 96mm (illumination control unit), 170 kg
  • Optional Items: Polarization, DIC, Rotary Tables, Vibration Isolation (available below).

Mitutoyo Part #s: MF-UJ2017D = 176-894A (brightfield) and MF-Uk2017D = 176-897A (brightfield / darkfield)

NOTE: This item is not returnable.

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