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Mitutoyo TM-A505B Toolmaker Microscope Digimatic

SKU: 176-820A
Price: $5,590.00

Mitutoyo TM-A505B Toolmaker's Microscope (Digimatic)

This Mitutoyo toolmaker's microscope TM-505 has digimatic micrometer heads. X-Y stage with 2" x 2" travel (stage with 4" x 2" travel can be found here). If you are interested in the TM-505 with manual micrometer heads click here.

This microscope requires a special quote for shipment. Please contact Microscope World for a quote.

  • Objective Lens: 2x objective, NA 0.07, WD 2.638" (67mm). Optional 5x & 10x objectives available below.
  • Eyepiece: Monocular 15x eyepiece, FOV 13mm, inclined 30º with built-in cross-line reticle. Erect image, diopter adjustable.
  • Eyepiece Protractor: Measure angles quickly by turning protractor to align the cross-hair reticle with the workpiece image. Graduation 1º. Protractor range 360º. Minimum reading by vernier 6'.
  • Total Magnification: 30x
  • Specimen Stage: 6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm) stage with X-Y travel of 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm). Effective area of glass stage is 3.78" x 3.78" (96mm x 96mm). Maximum workpiece load is 11lbs (5kg).
  • Maximum workpiece height: 4.53" (115mm)
  • Micrometer Heads: Includes two digimatic micrometer heads for X-Y measurement. Digimatic micrometer heads switch between mm / inches.
  • Illumination: Transmitted LED light, GIF (green) filter, adjustable light intensity. Reflected light is oblique single-source LED illuminator with stepless brightness adjustment. This illuminator can be replaced with optional LED ring light.
  • Stand: Track stand with coarse focusing.
  • Weight: 30.8 lbs (14kg)

Mitutoyo part # = 176-820A, formerly 176-808A.