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Mitutoyo Measuring Microscope Micrometer Heads (inches)

SKU: 152-392
Price: $376.00

Mitutoyo Measuring (inches) Micrometer Heads

Mitutoyo microscope micrometer heads for measuring in inches. Two micrometer measuring heads are available, one for X-axis and one for Y-axis. Click here for the micrometer head that measures in millimeters.

  • Range = 1"
  • Graduation = 0.001"
  • Instrumental Error = +/-.0008"
  • Bidirectional graduation for versatile measurement.
  • Provided with non-rotating spindle tip.
  • Floating thimble allows zero setting at any spindle position.

Mitutoyo part # for X-axis = 152-392
Mitutoyo part # for Y-axis = 152-391

Note: This item is not returnable.

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