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Motic Trace Forensic Comparison Software

SKU: Motic-Trace
Price: $152.00
Motic Trace forensic comparison software makes it easy to get live comparison imaging. The Motic Trace software solves the problem of needing a comparison microscope. Simply connect two or more Moticams or Motic Digital Microscopes and get immediate live comparison imaging. Motic Trace makes it possible to turn your existing microscopes into comparison microscopes. The software works together with Motic Images Plus 2.0 Software.

The Motic Trace software has the following capabilities:
  • Compare images side by side.
  • Overlay several live images.
  • Resize and independently rotate images while comparing them.
  • Match fingerprints from live images or saved images.
  • Check handwriting authenticity by comparing side by side.
  • Compare pieces of fabric.
  • Create reports with accurate measurements and editing tools.