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Fein Optic Mi40 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Price: $7,300.00
The Fein Optic Mi40 inverted metallurgical microscope includes the Color Corrected Infinity Optical System in order to provide high image quality and high resolution.


  • Objective Lenses: Objectives are mounted in reversed quintuple nosepiece. DIN Infinity Corrected Optical System (ICOS) includes your choice of objectives as follows:
    • LWD Plan Achromat Metallurgical objectives:
      • LWD Plan Achromat 5x, WD 10.8mm
      • LWD Plan Achromat 10x, WD 12.2mm
      • LWD Plan Achromat 20x, WD 4mm
      • LWD Plan Achromat 50x, WD 7.9mm
      LWD Plan Semi Apochromat Metallurgical Objectives:
      • LWD Plan Semi-Apochromat 5x, WD 19.5mm
      • LWD Plan Semi-Apochromat 10x, WD 10.9mm
      • LWD Plan Semi-Apochromat 20x, WD 3.2mm
      • LWD Plan Semi-Apochromat 50x, WD 1.2mm
  • Viewing Head: 45° inclined gemel trinocular viewing head with interpupillary adjustment of 54mm - 75mm. Beam splitter provides light of 100:0 or 80:20.
  • Eyepieces: High eyepoint widefield plan 10x eyepieces F.N. 22 are standard. Accepts a 27mm diameter reticle.
  • Total Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x.
  • Specimen Stage: Fixed stage 175mm x 145mm can mount a specimen fixture, extension plate and the coaxial mechanical mobile ruler. Optional mechanical stage available (and shown on microscope in images above).
  • Polarization: Includes polarizer that can shift out of the light path and 360° rotary analyzer.
  • Illumination: Reflected light high intensity 35W LED external illuminator with light guide. 110~240V switchable power supply. Variable intensity control.
  • Focusing: Low position coaxial focusing system with tension adjustable, coarse (38mm per rotation) and fine focusing precision (0.002mm).
  • Size: 9.1" (231mm) W x 26.6" (677mm) D x 15.1" (384mm) H
  • Warranty: 5 Years on microscope, 1 year on illuminator.
  • View the Mi40 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope User's Manual.
  • View the Mi40 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Brochure.



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