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FZ6-RLT High Resolution Stereo Zoom Microscope

Price: $1,845.00

High Resolution Stereo Zoom Microscope

Viewing Head: 45° inclined viewing head rotates 360°. Interpupillary adjustment from 54mm - 76mm. Your choice of binocular or trinocular. Trinocular microscope includes 0.5x c-mount adapter. When beam splitter is engaged light is split between left eyetube and trinocular port, while right eyetube goes dark.
Eyepieces: Includes high eyepoint widefield 10x eyepieces, FN 22mm with +/-5 diopter adjustment on each eye. Included 10x eyepieces accept a 24mm diameter reticle. Optional 15x/16mm and 20x/12mm eyepieces are available for purchase below.
Objectives: Zoom stereo 0.67x - 4.5x provides a zoom ratio of 6.7:1.
Total Magnification: Zoom range of 6.7x - 45x when using included 10x eyepieces. View chart below for alternate options when using auxiliary lenses or alternate eyepieces.
Working Distance: 100mm. Can be adjusted from 26mm - 200mm depending on auxiliary lens utilized. See magnification chart below.
Specimen Stage: Supplied with 95mm frosted stage plate and black and white stage late. Two locked-on stage clips.
Stand: Track stand with transmitted and reflected LED illuminators.Top light has separate rheostat control from bottom light. Vertical travel of 110mm. Includes dust cover.
Focusing: Precision guide rack and pinion focusing with tension adjustable focus knobs.
Illumination: Transmitted and reflected LED illumination with intensity control and on/off switch for each light.Top & bottom LED illuminators with dual intensity control and on/off switches. CE certified, 115~230V.
Size: 11.75" W x 12" D x 12.5" H
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty.


Auxiliary Lens
Working Distance
10x Eyepieces
15x Eyepieces
 20x Eyepieces
 Magnification  Field Size
 Magnification Field Size
 Magnification Field Size
 1x (None)
6.7x - 45x
32.8mm - 4.9mm
10.1x - 67.5x
23.9mm - 3.6mm
13.4x - 90x
17.9mm - 2.7mm
 3.4x - 22.5x
65.7mm - 9.8mm
5x - 33.8x
 47.8mm - 7.1mm
6.7x - 45x
35.8mm - 5.3mm
 4.69x - 31.5x
46.9mm - 7mm
7x - 47.25x
 34.1mm - 5.1mm
9.38x - 63x
25.6mm - 3.8mm
 1.5x 47mm  10.1x - 67.5x
21.9mm - 3.3mm
15.1x - 101.3x
15.9mm - 2.4mm
20.1x - 135x
11.9mm - 1.8mm
 2.0x 26mm  13.4x - 90x
16.4mm - 2.4mm
20.1x - 135x
11.9mm - 1.8mm
26.8x - 180x
 9mm - 1.3mm