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Mitutoyo Portable Hardness Tester HH-411

Mitutoyo HH-411 Portable Hardness Tester
Price: $3,995.00

Mitutoyo HH-411 Portable Hardness Tester

The HH-411 produces HL hardness scale results (L hardness: conforming to ASTM A 956), automatically converting to Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell C, Rockwell B, Shore and tensile strength, as required during testing. Alternate impactor options are available below for testing inner walls of pipes, bearings and gears, and for narrow features such as small gear teeth and welded corners. A maximum 1800 data entries of hardness test results can be stored. The hardness tester is equipped with an auto angle compensation function that automatically recognizes the impactor orientation and compensates for this effect so maximum accuracy is realized in each measurement. The hand-held hardness tester HH-411 has the following specifications:

Impactor: impact hammer with integrated detector and carbide-ball tip (type D conforming to ASTM A 956). Alternative impactors are available including DC Detector for inner walls of cylinders, D+15 Detector for concave workpieces such as gears or ball bearings, and DL Detector for narrow gear teeth or welded corners.

Display Unit: 7-segment LCD

Display Range:

  • Leeb: 1-999HL Resolution 1HL
  • Vickers: 43-950HV Resolution 1HV
  • Brinell: 20-894HB Resolution 1HB
  • Rockwell C: 19.3-68.2HRC Resolution 0.1HRC
  • Rockwell B: 13.5-101.7HRB Resolution 0.1HRB
  • Shore: 13.2-99.3HS Resolution 0.1HS
  • Tensile Strength: 499-1996MPa Resolution 1MPa

Functions: Auto Angle Compensation Function, Offset function, OK/NG judgment function, Conversion function, Data storage function: 1800 data entries, Statistical analysis (Average, Maximum, Minimum, Dispersion), Auto sleep function, Impact counter display function.

Testable Workpiece Limits: Minimum 5mm or more in thickness and 5kg or more in mass (when the sample mass is 0.1kg or more and less than 5kg, fit it against a larger mass to make it testable). Test points: 5mm or more from the edge of the sample, 3mm or more to each of the tested points. Surface roughness of samples: Ra 10m or less.

Output: RS-232C, SPC (each 1 output, simultaneous output is possible).

Power Supply: Alkaline AA battery 2 pieces, optional AC adapter available.

Size / Weight: Display unit 70 x 110 x 35mm, 200g, Impactor Ø28 x 175mm, 120g.

Mitutoyo part # 810-298-10
NOTE: This item is not returnable.

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