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Reticle Walton & Beckett (G22)

KR827 Walton & Beckett Reticle
Price: $235.00
KR-827 glass eyepiece Walton & Beckett reticle. G22. The Walton & Beckett reticle is used for counting fibrous dust such as asbestos or glass fibers, and is particularly useful where the majority of fibers to be counted are shorter than 5 microns. The circle is divided into four by two diametrical lines scaled in units of 5 and 3 microns respectively. Three and five microns are the critical measurements of fiber lengths and diameter used in fiber counting. Unlike typical globe reticles, the Walton & Beckett reticle has a series of shapes to compare objects with. These shapes have been designed for comparison with fibers, especially since they incorporate an aspect ration of 3:1 or 5:1 essential for analysis. Reticle is available in a number of different diameters, select below when ordering.

Lines: Chrome deposition
Chamfer: 0.010" - 0.020"
Flatness: 2 waves or better
Centering: Within 0.005"
Surface Quality: 20/10
Parallelism: 2 min.

NOTE: This item is not returnable.

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