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Inverted Microscope Heating Stage Package

Inverted Microscope Heating Stage Package
Price: $2,250.00

The basic heating stage for inverted microscopes is designed for use with a variety of inverted microscope systems. The inverted microscope heating stage package contains:

  • Controller:
    • One channel controller
    • Ambient temperature to 75°C, accuracy of 0.1°C
    • Overheating protection built-in
    • Analog input for programmed temperature changes
    • Analog output
    • Settings: 3-tier, stabilize temperature for different volumes and stage sizes
    • Output: 5A, 165w
    • Dimensions = 6" x 2.5" x 9"
  • Heating Microscope Plate:
    • Optical clearance = 75mm x 65mm
    • Height = 3mm
    • Glass thickness = 1mm
    • Temperature stability: better than 0.1°C
  • Power Supply: 12v, Includes cable assembly (2)
  • Microscope Adapter: 128mm x 86mm
  • Microscope is available, but not included. Email for a quote.


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