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Science Video: Protozoans II, In the Eye of a Needle

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Protozoans Video II: In the Eye of the Needle

This 25-minute presentation takes a more in depth look at protozoans. A metric measuring unit, the micrometer, is introduced and with on-screen graphics, twenty different protozoans are identified with their corresponding sizes. The speed of a Paramecium is determined and a number of cell parts and organelles of various protozoa are identified. Learn about the spring-like myoneme on the Vorticella, the cirri of Euplotes, chloroplasts in the Euglena, water expelling vesicles in a Paramecium and see a variety of different shaped nuclei. From a single tiny cell in a Volvox colony to the giant amoeba, Pelomyxa, it's all here and can be seen inside the eye of a needle!

With over 150 illustrations, you'll find the Protozoan teacher handbook to be a valuable resource in itself! It includes worksheets for students, information pages that reinforce topics discussed on the videos, illustrated guides to help you identify unknown specimens and even a student quiz covering each video. Our customers rave about this handbook. Use it and the three videos to teach an exciting, comprehensive unit in protozoology!

View another sample worksheet "Working With Protozoa " from the teacher handbook.

  • Grades: 7-12
  • Running Time: 25 minutes
  • Includes: DVD and 72-page reproducible Protozoans handbook
  • Copyright: 1992