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Science Video: Protozoans I, Water Circus

Science Video: Protozoans I, Water Circus
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Protozoans Video I: Water Circus

This wonderful 17-minute program introduces your students to protozoans. The first six minutes are devoted to classifying protozoa, contrasting them to the metazoa and illustrating their relative size and habitat. During the remainder of the program, four general types of protozoa are identified. They include the Amoeba, Paramecium, Peranema, and Volvox. Illustrated are their means of locomotion and methods of obtaining or producing food. These organisms are also compared to some common pond water animals, like the rotifers. With applications from upper elementary through college, this video can be used before your first lab or as stand-alone instruction. It'll shed new light on pond scum!

With over 150 illustrations, you'll find the Protozoan teacher handbook to be a valuable resource in itself! It includes worksheets for students, information pages that reinforce topics discussed on the videos, illustrated guides to help you identify unknown specimens and even a student quiz covering each video. Our customers rave about this handbook. Use it and the three videos to teach an exciting, comprehensive unit in protozoology!

View a sample worksheet "Protists" from the teacher handbook.

  • Grades: 5-12
  • Running Time: 17 minutes
  • Includes: Your choice of VHS or DVD and 72-page reproducible Protozoans handbook
  • Copyright: 1992


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