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Dial Calipers

Dial Calipers

Dial Calipers

Dial calipers can measure outside diameter, inside diameter, depth and steps. Each dial caliper has a lock screw for dial bezel and for holding the sliding jaw position. Dial calipers are used in the manufacturing industry to measure parts for accuracy. Dial calipers can be used to measure outside diameter, length, height or thickness of a part. The inside contacts of a dial caliper can be used to measure the inside diameter of a part. There is a depth rod on the end of the dial caliper that can be used to measure the depth of a tube or small part. Instructions on how to use the dial caliper are found at the bottom of this page.

Before using the Dial Caliper:
Before using the dial caliper check to make sure its zero setting is correct. This can be accomplished with a few simple steps:
  1. Wipe the blades of the outside measuring contacts with a clean cloth.
  2. Close the contacts and hold with light pressure.
  3. The dial indicator should be at 0.
  4. If the dial indicator is not set to 0, loosen the bezel clamp, rotate teh bezel so the dial indicator points to 0.
  5. Tighten the bezel clamp.

Using the Dial Caliper:

  • For outside dimensions, place the measuring contacts around the object you wish to measure. Close the jaw around the object. Apply just enough pressure that the contacts can hold the objective, but do not squeeze too tightly.
  • For inside dimensions, place the inside measuring contacts of the dial caliper inside the object you wish to measure. 
  • To read the measurement of the caliper, the bar is read first, and then the dial. If you are reading an inch dial caliper and the bar reads 1.2 and the dial shows .011 then the measurement is 1.211".


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