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Mitutoyo High Accuracy Sub Micron Digimatic Micrometer 0-25mm

Mitutoyo 293-100-10 High Accuracy Micrometer
Price: $1,680.00

Mitutoyo MDH Digimatic Micrometer 0-25mm

This Mitutoyo high-accuracy sub-micron digimatic micrometer enables 0.1µm resolution measurement. The highly rigid frame and high-performance constant-force mechanism enable more stable measurements, while the clicks emitted while the workpiece is being measured assure the operator that measurement is proceeding normally. Body heat transferred to the instrument is reduced by a removable heat shield, minimizing the error caused by thermal expansion of the frame when performing handheld measurements. The ABS absolute rotary sensor also eliminates the need to perform origin setting each time the power is turned on, letting you start measuring right away. With no possibility of overspeed errors, the high-accuracy digimatic micrometer also delivers a high level of reliability.

  • Range = 0-25mm
  • Accuracy = +/- 0.5µm
  • Resolution = 0.0001mm / 0.0005mm (switchable)
  • Data Output = Yes, with SPC cable B.
  • Display = LCD
  • Flatness = 0.3µm
  • Measuring Force = 7 to 9N
  • Measuring Surface = Ø3.2mm
  • Parallelism = 0.6µm
  • Battery = CR2032, battery life approximately 2 years under normal use.
  • Functions = preset (ABS measurement system), zero-setting (INC measurement system), hold, resolution switching, function lock, on/off, auto power off, measurement data output, error alarm.
Mitutoyo Part # = 293-100-10 (Replaced 293-100)
NOTE: This item is not returnable.

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